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What Motivates Us

Small websites can not afford big budget ad campaigns and therefore mutual assistance is key in working towards a common goal of helping each others and survive online.

The Neon Community Framework is built on the idea that every small website owner can be financially independent by getting help from the community. The community exists to help streamline and enhance those social media promotions for small websites and build ranking in long term. Our community offers complete support to start online businesses including blog, e-commerce and reap real economic benefits of digital marketing for free.

Our Community Make It Possible

Supporting environment and grassroots development of each member makes the success possible

Neon Framework doesn’t build itself - we have dedicated community members who are relentless about helping others and make each other financially self-sustaining. The Neon Community boasts a quirky and diverse combination of an international audience with their wide range of webisites and small businesses.

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Not surprisingly, we encourage you to communicate freely. Whether you have a question, comment or just want to share some, we’d love to hear from you.

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